"We Got It!" Tour Inquiry
Thanks for your interest in "We Got It!"! Our show is all about empathy. We are geared for Pre-K-5th grade and runs 45 minutes.
Please fill out the inquiry form below, and we will be in touch with more information.

School/Organization Name

School/Organization Address

Contact Name, and the best way to reach you (email, phone, text).

Contact Phone Number

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"We Got It!"  has a cast of 3 and a very small set. That makes us flexible enough to perform on stages, in libraries, larger classrooms, or any other open space you have.

What grades will be coming to the show?

Approximately how many students in each audience? (Best for up to 200 students per performance)

How many performances of "We Got It!" will your group need? Shows cost $500 a performance, and $750 for 2 back to back shows! We do offer discounts if needed.

We are booking dates from late September 2017 - June 2018. Do you have a time frame or specific dates that you are interested in? This in no way commits you to a date.

May we add you to our mailing list so we can tell you about all of the exciting things that Building Better People is doing?

Any questions for us? Ask away!

Thanks so very much for your interest! We will be in touch soon. You can also call us at (443)906-0099 or write us at info@bbpproductions.com for more information!

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